Ongoing Projects

Microfinance Program
At our microfinance program KADERES assists in formulating Saving and Credit Cooperative Societies (SACCO) in villages of Kyerwa and Karagwe districts. So far, we were able to form 15 SACCOs with over 22.500 members, almost 50% of them are women. Our plan for the future is to raise the number of SACCOs up to 25 in order to fulfill the need of the society.
The SACCOs Network is a cooperation of microfinance institutions to exchange and support each other. It is organized and coordinated by KADERES. The SACCOS offer financial services to the farmers. There are two types of financial services: Saving

and credit services.

Like KADERES, the SACCOS try to improve the living conditions of the rural areas as well as to empower communities. This project is mainly supported by HIVOS and responsible for the SACCO network at KADERES is our colleague Justin Julius Kamana.


Lake Victoria basin Farmers Organization on Agro-Forestry Program (FOAP)
FOAP is an education program for farmers and villagers to increase the knowledge about sustainable agriculture and environmental protection. It is divided in five components:


  1. Organizational Development: Field supervisors train village council staff in order to create more institutional capacity of coordination and to spread knowledge about Human Rights.
  2. Agro forestry, Agriculture and Climate Change: Villagers and farmers take part in education programs about environmental protection and sustainable land use. Part of the program is the establishment of tree nurseries and radio educational programs as well as projects in schools.
  3. Farm Enterprise Development: These education programs train peasants on sustainable land use management and improved farming techniques to increase their production capacity and quality.
  4. Mainstreaming Gender and HIV/AIDS: people from rural areas learn about these topics through workshops and trainings. Marginalized people are supported and empowered.
  5. Children and Youth: With training programs in schools and the formation of Youth Clubs, children learn about sustainable land use and environmental conservation. There are also debates about these topics.



Social Accountability Monitoring (SAM)
The social accountability project which is based in Kyerwa District was intended by KADERES not only to support ongoing projects, but also to develop new projects by the villagers itself. However, the success of ongoing projects was limited to a lack of administration and cooperation of village councils and other institutions. To improve these structures, KADERES has started an education program about administration and social accountability in cooperation with ANSAF (Agricultural Non State Actors Forum) in May 2013.
Village leaders and council staff, but also community members are taking part in these programs and workshops on project planning, implementation and evaluation as well as documentation. There will also be a simple guide for participatory rural planning. The objectives of this program are to improve effective participation of the community and to create awareness and understanding of the community rights and responsibilities as related to social accountability.


Renewable Energy

KADERES sells solar lamps to small holder farmers without access to electricity or other people. To avoid kerosene lamps for environmental, economic and safety reasons as well as to be independent from power blackouts KADERES offers a micro credit for the SUN KING Solar lamp.