6 thoughts on “Volunteering at KADERES

  1. real! you have the most valuable projects which are direct beneficial to the society. am interested with the two last projects, thus am ready to grant my volunteer heart towards the accomplishment of your stated objectives.

  2. It is true that this organisation is working with poor community. Also the community is getting direct benefit from KADERES. For me as one of the Karagwe residence I real apreciate with your service and activities to the community. Your services make us to be aware and understand the ways on how we can reduce poverty within our families, your making us look forwad and leave poverty aside

  3. My I take this opportunity to congraduate you for your effort of reducing poverty in karagwe and improving rural livelihoods in karagwe.Also my ambition is to volunteer my skills and knowledge gained from sokoine university of agriculture under degree program of rural development.Thanks.

  4. I Mwombeki as a vet student I would like to volunteer at your organisation during my internship from march 2017 to June 2017.my mobile number is 0767874483.Thanks in advance

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