On the 26th of June in 1997 KADERES was established by dedicated community members including our Executive Secretary Leonard Kachebonaho. One year later it was registered as a nongovernmental organization. The first KADRERS projects dealt with sustainable agriculture like tree nurseries, water, education and medication projects.

In 2002, KADERES started the microfinance project called SACCO (Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies), which is one of our biggest and most successful project. Today there are 17 SACCOs and the project is not finished yet.

In 2007, KADERES Peasant Development (KPD) started, first as KPD Ltd., later as KPD plc (public limited company), which is a cooperation of local farmers. The intention of KPD was to give fair prices to farmers’ products. It is now an independent company.

In 2008, we started to build the Kitwe Secondary School, which was finished in 2012

Since our establishment, KADERES grew bigger and bigger and gained several partners all over the world. Today, KADERES is very important to the development of Karagwe and Kyerwa district.