Current partners

HIVOS (Humanistisch Instituut voor Ontwikkelingssamenwerking) is an organization based in Netherlands working towards “a fair, free and sustainable world”. They are KADERES’ main donor concerning microfinance activities. HIVOS and KADERES agree about the idea that support can come from outside sources, but the work must be done by the people.  KADERES has been working with HIVOS since 2002 and has a contract to continue their partnership for until 2011.

To learn more about HIVOS, please visit their website at


Karagwe District Council and KADERES cooperate in a partnership defined by a clear understanding of KADERES’ role within the community. It is important that KADERES has the support of the local government to realize all of their projects. The Karagwe District Council is very supportive of the work KADERES does and consistently assists us.

two representives

Karagwe District Council makes it possible for KADERES to receive large shipments of donations like hospital equipment from DRI and to avoid legal obstacles and supported several projects KADERES has implemented.

VSO (Volunteer Services Organization) is one of the long term partners of KADERES. They support the work of KADERES with qualified long term volunteers since our establishment in 1997. We cooperate with the VSO office in Dar es Salaam as well as in London and we are looking forward to continuing the partnership even in the future.

artefact is a German nongovernmental organization that deals with renewable energies and sustainability. artefact supports KADERES through sending volunteers from Germany to Kagera. The Cooperation started in 2010 and up to now five German volunteers joined KADERES. We are looking forward for more volunteers from artefact.
For more information about artefact, check out their website:

Swedish Cooperative Centre and Vi-Agro forestry works together with KADERES on the FOA Project (Farmers’ Organization and Agriculture). We cooperate with their main office in Bukoba and are thankful for the support of VI since 2008.

ANSAF (Agricultural Non State Actors Forum) implemented the social accountability program in cooperation with KADERES. It is a Tanzanian forum that deals with the fight against poverty through improving agriculture. The cooperation with ANSAF started one year ago.
For more information, visit their website:


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