Previous Projects

Health Care/Medication
KADERES supplied medical and pharmaceutical hospital equipment to dispensaries and health centers in Karagwe and Kyerwa districts. Furthermore, KADERES supported the rehabilitation of health facilities. So far medicine and hospital equipment worth about one billion Tanzanian Shilling (ca. 600 000 UDS) have been distributed and six health facilities have been rehabilitated. This work was supported by Global Partners for Development.


Water Tanks
KADERES worked with Karagwe and Kyerwa communities to rehabilitate water sources and constructing water tanks for schools and health centers. So far we were able to build eleven water tanks thanks to international donations.


Kitwe Secondary School

Kitwe village is located in the north-west of Kyerwa district. KADERES started to build the school in 2008 and it was officially opened in 2012. We still support the school today.
KADERES supports distance learning education in partnership with the Life Training Institute of Dar es Salaam. The courses provide entrepreneurial knowledge about business and management to facilitate certificates and diplomas.