Peasants Development

KADERES Peasants Develpoment public limited company (KPD PLC) is the coffee export company of KADERES. KPD coffee is fair trade and organic farming ceritfied and since its establishment in 2007 it is engaging farmers in higher income generationg acitvities. KPD was founded by KADERES, but is now an independent company.

KPD as a daughter company of KADERES has similar objectives and ideals:

KPDs Vision:
“To build an effective community of empowered people managing their own lives.”

KPDs Mission:
“To facilitate and empower the Karagwe Peasants to fight against poverty through improved agricultural and other socio-economic activities in a sustainable way.”

KPD PLC does not only buy and export farmers’ coffee, but also offer a service and training program to improve the productivity and quality standards of the coffee. Most of KPD peasants are members of a SACCOS microcredit bank that supports investments in equipment and seeds

Like KADERES, KPD PLC improves constantly the situation of peasants and villagers by offering them a fair price for their products.
For more information check out the KPD webpage: