According to our vision and mission, we work on the following areas to empower the communities and make sure that the basic human needs are fulfilled. Therefore, KADERES mainly acting in the following areas:

  • Maji = water
  • Tiba = health
  • Elimu = education
  • Ufundi = technical know-how
  • Kilimo/Ufuga = Agriculture/Livestock keeping

Access to clean water is one of the basic needs for all people around the world. However, many of them have to do a great effort to get it or do not have access to water with a good quality at all. Also in Karagwe/ Kyerwa many people have only access to polluted water and have no possibility to clean it. KADERES is trying to improve constantly the situation trough projects like building water tanks for schools and dispensaries, but there is still a long way to go.

Tanzania and also Kagera region are facing several challenges through a number of diseases like HIV/Aids and Malaria. Also the child mortality has a high influence on the society. Especially, a lack of money and adequate staff often leads to deficient medical service in rural areas of Tanzania. However, KADERES was able to support hospitals and dispensaries in Karagwe district with pharmaceuticals and other equipment thanks to international donations.

One of the main aspects and the base for development is education. That is why KADERES offers education and training programs for different groups and supports the Kitwe Secondary School. It is also possible for villagers to get a loan from SACCOs (Saving and Credit Cooperative Societies) to pay the school fees. We try to improve the educational situation in Karagwe and make it possible for everyone to get access to education.

Technical Know-How
With our education programs we also try to spread technical know-how in agriculture sector to improve the farming techniques for a higher quantity as well as a higher quality of the products.

Agriculture/Livestock keeping
Most inhabitants of Kagera Region work in the agricultural sector. The conditions for planting and growing are excellent due to fertile ground and rainfall almost the whole year. In particular, this region is famous for coffee, beans and cooking bananas, but seeds are expensive and the low productivity in agricultural output are still the major problems for the farmers. Most of the field work is done without help of any machines only men power. Even more, the climate is changing: rain seasons are changing and the time of no rainfall is increasing.  KADERES is contributing to sustainable land use management, environmental conservation and tries to establish organic farming.