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Through funds donated by Global Partners for Development, KADERES has constructed 11 water tanks at schools and health dispensaries all over Karagwe. Without water, these facilities cannot fully function or provide properly for the students, patients and staff. At schools lacking water tanks, students are sometimes obligated to spend more than an hour fetching water for their teachers and themselves, resulting in them missing classes.

Also, the water being fetched from other sources is not clean or safe to be using. KADERES has a vision of eliminating the need for people to rely on these unclean sources through the availability of water tanks.

KADERES realizes the need for clean water to be readily and conveniently available for health dispensaries and centers as well as schools. The water tanks KADERES builds are “Rain Water Harvesting” tanks, holding either 25,000-30,000 liters of water and costing approximately $5,200 USD or holding 45,000-50,000 liters and costing approximately $7,200. The tanks require a building period of about 2-3 weeks (with sufficient weather).


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